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Cleaning Products

Keep your environment clean, wherever you are

TouchZero Wipes -

A Patented Product That Can Reduce Exposure*:

Patented Disposable Wipe Pouch

Patented Disposable Wipe Pouch

Houses a 2-ply, high absorbency cleaning wipe attached to the inside of the pouch using our proprietary design. Pinsonic wipe design aids in stubborn residue removal.

Patented Disposable Wipe Pouch

Impermeable Protective Layers

Can reduce exposure* to soiled surfaces during wiping.

*When used as instructed; see the video below

TouchZero Wipes
Diversified Usage:

Diversified Usage




Cleaning pouch is simple to use

Pinch Corners


As Easy As...

Cleaning pouch is simple to use

Peel & Open


Cleaning pouch is simple to use

Wipe Surfaces*


*Ideal for small surfaces that don't require a highly absorbent wipe

See The Protective Layer In Action
Under Black Light:

Demo Video

See Also:

TouchZero Spray, An All-purpose Cleaner:

The same cleaning solution used in our wipes, now available in a spray bottle for cleaning larger areas!

Citric acid cleaning solution spray bottle

32 Oz Spray Bottle

Delivers plentiful of cleaner for daily tasks

TouchZero Spray
Diversified Usage:

Diversified Usage

Around home



TouchZero Spray

An All-Purpose Cleaner:

Citric acid cleaner spray bottle
Citric acid cleaner spray bottle
Citric acid cleaner spray bottle


Simple Cleaning Products

Our mission: to create cleaning products using only simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce and typically recognized as safe. We were founded by a doctor who wanted to reduce exposure, and as a result our products contain no added parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, phenoxyethanol or quaternary ammonium compounds. The only cleaning ingredient in both the single use wipe and the spray bottle is citric acid. The patented wipe design can also reduce exposure to soiled surfaces.

Citric acid is a colorless and odorless organic
compound that is found naturally in citrus fruits, soil and water. It degrades readily when in contact with a variety of microorganisms in soil, natural waters and sewage treatment systems and is a component of carbohydrate metabolism in living organisms. It can eat away at hard water buildup, and help remove stains and odors.




Simple cleaning products
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